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About CANEX Products
CANEX focus on helping you circumvent the challenges and seize new opportunities. We are dedicated to help you maximizeprofitability through the multitude of products and services we offer you. <<Read More About CANEX Products
Construction Use Products
CANEX is a professional manufactory of the plywood for construction industry. Besides Film Faced Shuttering Plywood for concrete form provides a superior concrete finish with a smoother, matte-finish that resists grain and patch transfer, also can supply you Formwork I-Joists/ H20 Beams , 3-Ply Shuttering Panels. Detailed
Exterior Use Products
CANEX Exterior plywood is high quality plywood manufactured with a high grade face and a lesser grade back. Exterior plywood is suitable for semi-exposed applications, such as using in transportation industry and exterior roof industry. Detailed
Interior Use Products
CANEX Interior Plywood is intended for use in non-structural, interior applications where a high quality aesthetic finish is required. Typical applications include internal wall panelling, furniture and fitments, interior door skins and ceiling linings. Interior plywood must not be used in exposed, wet or damp conditions.  Detailed
Furniture Use Products
CANEX Cabinet Plywood, Pre-finished Plywood and Birch Plywood are produced completely according to HPVA / ANSI Standard, which is use in furniture and cabinet industry, most of them are exported to USA market. And the Molded,Curved & Flexible Plywood such as Chair Plywood is our new products as your reference. Detailed

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